Music Creators

What's on offer?

Sometimes when one has a dispute, it is useful to have not only a safe space but also the assistance of a trusted person to help guide those involved on how to move forward.

The Resolution Pathways provide a resolution facilitator. The facilitator's role is to assist all participants in the dispute, to prepare for the dispute and choose the appropriate process to assist in resolving that dispute. The pathways include:

  • Mediation
    Where an expert assists in having a constructive conversation
  • Expert Processes
    When expert in the subject matter of the dispute can provide a view which is non-binding or a decision which is binding.
  • Mapping
    The same process as mediation but the “Mediator” has expertise which can be used by the parties in coming to view.

There is a Committee to ensure that the system meets the needs of those who use it and will guide the dispute facilitator in being responsive to the market.

We are also working on a project called ‘Peer Assist' which will give music creators access to peers who can advise, guide or give them a view on issues.

Any headings denoted in red are services designed for music creators only.