Music Creators - Mapping

Mapping Nutshell

Mapping is an informal process facilitated by experienced people who both understand the context and can assist the participants' with a problem solving conversation.

About the Mappers

Mappers have a depth of experience in problem solving. They are also trained in mediation. Mediation is a way of problem solving involving a trained person to assist all those involved to fully explore the problem and have an otherwise difficult conversation in a safe environment.

A mapper is a mediator who also understands the context and can also provide you with some ideas and feedback.

About Mapping

Mapping occurs at an informal round table meeting with the parties together. A mapper sits with both participants to help them jointly understand the issues. S/he may also meet with the parties separately.

The mapper will both support the parties in having the difficult conversation and provide some thoughts on what might work in moving forward. The parties use this advice to find an option that works for them in resolving the issue.

Participants can represent themselves or also bring a friend, lawyer, or other support person.

The Mappers Role

The mappers' role is:

  • To make the space safe and ensure that everyone understands the issues before trying to find solutions.
  • To provide options based on experience.
  • To capture/draft any agreements that are made.
  • To point you to resources that may be available to assist in resolving the problem. ?They will NOT make a decision - that is your role.

Mapping - Agreement

It is important that everyone knows what to expect. This will allow parties to adequately prepare, to know their rights and maximise the chances of everyone feeling satisfied with the process.

The agreement sets out the legal rights in plain English - these are important to understand. The resolution facilitator is also available to explain the process and the terms of the agreement. Click here to download the mapping nutshell and agreement.

About Resolution

Resolution looks different in different cases and for different people. For some it is getting deeper understanding, or being heard. For others it is getting a deal to move forward.

Next steps

If the matter resolves during the mapping session then this can be documented in an appropriate format that the parties can live with. If it does not you can discuss options with the resolution facilitator or the mapper about what else might be available.